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Tag: Corrosion

“Not Just Rust”

CORROSION is often viewed as a “necessary evil” to be tolerated and ignorance often the cause of many premature, unexpected and expensive failures.  Research has shown the economic loss of corrosion costs...

Why iron corrodes in “Inert” CO2

A team of material scientists from Rice University (Houston, Texas, USA) published a study in the Cell Press journal Matter that examines why iron corrodes in contact with an “essentially inert”...

New protective coating for marine steel

Scientists develop new anti-corrosion coating to increase the economic life and durability of steel machinery in an environment-friendly manner. ALTHOUGH steel is widely used in industry, its low corrosion resistance limits the...

Eco-friendly corrosion prevention product allows coatings to last decades

CRW Consulting & Distribution, LLC, in partnership with Corrosion Innovations, has announced the much-anticipated release of the Corr-Ze™ 200 Gel surface treatment product. This revolutionary gel meets SSPC-SP 8 Pickling Standard...

Digital solutions for operators monitoring corrosion and erosion

OPERATORS can drive plants to their maximum capability and avoid costly incidents with a fully integrated corrosion and erosion monitoring suite of software and service solutions. Emerson introduces a complete corrosion and...


The energy morass

CBN Editor Robin Hayes asks if foreign funded vested interests are at play. IT beggars belief that we have endured loadshedding for more than 14...


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