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Tag: Corrosion

Digital solutions for operators monitoring corrosion and erosion

OPERATORS can drive plants to their maximum capability and avoid costly incidents with a fully integrated corrosion and erosion monitoring suite of software and service solutions. Emerson introduces a complete corrosion and...

Fishing industry’s corrosion issues solved

The Cape’s well-developed commercial fishing industry operates in a highly corrosive environment where most of the problems of corrosion can be solved with duplex stainless steel Pitting corrosion, caused by chlorides...

Corrosion protection for aluminium drives

BMG’s range of NORD aluminium drives is available with the nsd tupH (Sealed Surface Conversion System) anti- corrosion treatment, which has been developed by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, for improved process reliability in...

Corrosion prevention ‘pioneers’ arrive in Cape Town

Experts in the development and on-site of thermal spray solutions for erosion and corrosion problems in operating spaces. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, USA and operating subsidiaries, affiliates, and sales offices...


The Ultimate Solution to Africa’s Strategy Execution

Africa Strategy Execution Conference to assemble business dignitaries who will share their vast experiences in navigating strategic complexities in top African companies. The Africa Strategy Execution Conference has proven to...


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