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Tag: Covid-19

How COVID-19 is shaping trends in the food service industry

 Lockdown restrictions around the world have had a significant effect on the hospitality industry. While the easing of restrictions earlier in the year in South Africa was welcomed news, the recent...

Shopping in the suburbs

CAPE TOWN-based investment company Trematon Capital, which is steeped in real estate investing, has made a significant acquisition of retail precinct – notwithstanding the lingering effects of Covid-19 still clouding property...

Could a simple pill beat Covid-19? Pfizer is giving it a go

While the focus has been largely on vaccines, you might have also heard Pfizer is trialling a pill to treat Covid-19. It almost sounds too good to be true. Indeed, the results are very...

Annual budget: City continues to prioritise support for residents amid ongoing Covid-19 impact

Speaker, let me start today by welcoming you to your new position, and congratulating you for taking up this key seat in our council. I am confident that your 26 years...

Calls to restrict alcohol sales disregard state of the SA economy

The South African Liquor Brandowners Association (Salba) has responded negatively to a recent statement issued by the Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance (Saapa), in which Saapa urged the government to respond to the...


Case Study: French company solve hose problems transferring delicate fluids

FRANCE based Oril Industrie produces nearly 2 000 tons of active ingredients per year which are used in prescription medication in the fields of cardiology,...


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