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Tag: COVID19

An oil and gas drive for Cape Town

THE ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and the subsequent lockdown regulations implemented worldwide, has caused unmitigated impacts on the global economy which have had a major impact on the tourism and events industry....

The warmth of long Covid nights

“THE winter wonderland we see on Christmas cards,” dreamed Luke the Dude, “is a world of snow, warm coats and Jingle Bells – at a time when we have sunny skies,...

Fooling the people some of the time

From the 'A Bee in my Bonnet' column. ONE of the benefits of the internet and social media, at least to this reader, is that government and politicians can be held to...

USA adds South Africa on to their ‘ Do not travel’ list

South Africa’s tourism industry has been handed another devastating blow after the Biden administration added South Africa onto a list that advises US citizens not to travel to, along with eight...

Denying a person the right to earn a living is immoral

The President, receiving his full salary, and enjoying normal benefits during the national Covid-19 predicament, on 27 June 2021, made an announcement which resulted in the suspension of economic activities, denying...


New Cape Town initiative bolsters economic recovery

TO support local businesses across the board, from one-person SMMEs to corporates, a number of key public, private and NPO stakeholders are joining forces...


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