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Tag: COVID19

Concern over COVID-19 third wave

While the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines continues across the world bringing new hope, the tourism sector will still have to operate alongside the virus with the threat of a third wave...

SMEs remain under pressure as fuel prices increase

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are often hit the hardest during the periods of fuel price increases. This comes at a crucial time as SMEs are still trying to recover from the financial...

Level 1 restrictions place more responsibility in our hands for Covid-19 safety

The move to level 1 restrictions requires all of us in the Western Cape to act responsibly to protect ourselves, our loved ones and fellow residents from becoming infected and possibly...

Year past a good one for cranes

2020 will be remembered as a difficult year, particularly by many in South African engineering manufacturing. But there were companies that came through it strongly. One of these was Condra, which reported...

Abalone stays afloat

THE burgeoning farmed abalone sector – which relies heavily on export markets in the Far East - has struggled valiantly during the Covid-19 pandemic and it seems the seafood niche might...


50% Organics ban from landfills coming in 2022

THE landfill ban of organic waste in the Western Cape comes into effect in 2022 with a requirement of 50% reduction and 100% reduction...