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Here’s what South Africans think about cryptocurrencies

Controversies around cryptocurrencies have delayed their adoption as mainstream means of payments. South Africans, however, seem to be positive about them according to a recent sentiment survey conducted by Luno, SA’s...

The future of Fintech

Far from the panic of Y2k and the limited capabilities of the Nokia 3310, consumers in 2020 have a world of financial services accessible on their smartphones. With an 82% Fintech...

Cryptocurrency crime surges, losses hit $4.4bn by end-September

Cryptocurrency theft has surged in 2019 compared with last year, with more money flowing through digital exchanges and criminals looking to carry out bigger heists, according to a report from blockchain...

FNB to shut down cryptocurrency platforms’ bank accounts

First National Bank provided more insight on Wednesday into why it has given notice to cryptocurrency trading platforms in South Africa that it will shut their bank accounts. Affected currency exchanges include VALR.com...

Third-biggest cryptocurrency plummets despite rally for other major coins

Amid the astonishing recovery this year by most of the world’s biggest cryptocurrencies, one stands out. The token known as XRP has tumbled about 20%, while eight of the other 10 biggest...


How robotic logistics are the key to automated warehouses

IN 2018 American companies spent approximately $1.5 trillion on logistical expenses. It's a jaw-dropping number that underpins the importance of supply chain management to...


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