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Cape Town’s dam levels increase by 3.9%

Cape Town is fully in grips of winter, and with this comes days filled with rains, storms and other extreme weather conditions. The past few weeks have had several rainy days and as...

SA water levels on the decline

South Africans have been encouraged to save water, as water resources and dam levels across the country, with the exception of the Western Cape, continue to decline consistently week-on-week. “The national water...

Rainy weather to cool Cape Town

The Mother City’s weather often seems to forget which season it is supposed to be in, but lately, the days have been pleasantly warm and sunny. As we’ve gotten so used...

Cape Town dam levels up to 82.9%

Capetonians can rejoice in the fact that dam levels are up to 82.9% after the torrential downpour that the Western Cape received over the weekend. Rainfall is always welcome in the Mother...

Cape Town’s dam levels almost at 82%

Dams supplying the Cape Town metro continue to benefit from low water consumption. As of Monday 2 September 2019, the dams supplying the Cape Town metro are almost 82% full (81.9%). Collective...


Roman Rock Lighthouse celebrates 159 years of service

The Roman Rock Lighthouse celebrated 159 years of service during Heritage Month. The lighthouse – the fifth oldest in South Africa, and the only...