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Tag: Data

Data costs still too high in South Africa

The cost of data in South Africa is exorbitant compared to other African countries although mobile network operators moved to implement regulations related to the use of data this week. The high...

This is the data South African companies can screen from your Facebook profile before...

The Department of Public Service and Administration recently announced that it would begin screening social media posts before hiring prospective employees. While this has come as a shock in some quarters – according to...

Internet access has become a human right, data

The need to communicate and access the internet has become a human right in South Africa and should be treated as such, Media Monitoring Africa has said during an inquiry into...

Five massive data breaches affecting South Africans

Following the Liberty Holding’s data breach, the Information Regulator is concerned about the increasing number of cyber attacks affecting personal data in South Africa. “Without a fully functional Information Regulator,...

Mining and manufacturing data disturbing

New data on manufacturing and mining production suggest clouds may be gathering over the Ramaphoria economic spring. While it is dangerous to read too much into any small batch of figures,...


BMG ‘s high-strength Tsubaki chain developed for agricultural machinery

BMG’s service to the agriculture sector focuses on the importance of the investment in quality equipment and components for high efficiencies and optimum productivity...

Saldanha air route to open


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