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Tag: Data

Massive disruption in the retail industry meets changing consumer needs

Participants at the Consumer Goods Forum Global (CGF) Summit in Cape Town have been given a taste of some of the disruption that is changing the consumer goods manufacturing and retail...

Pomerol-Partners opens in South Africa

There is a big data revolution happening worldwide. Currently, it is turning the methods that successful companies utilise to collect and analyse data, on their head. Pomerol-Partners is a strategic business...

How modern is your office?

One needs to bear in mind that today’s office – the modern office -  encompasses a lot more than an upgraded PC, generators to cope with load-shedding and cloud-based data storage. ...

Mobility, BYOD and Big Data – Making the most of 2014

Throughout 2014 you must have heard these terms repeatedly mentioned, and for good reason. The mobility, BYOD and big data trends have reshaped the business landscape, and will continue to do...


What are the best investment options in South Africa?

Investing can help you keep with the growing inflation rates and set and achieve goals in your career. Whether it's buying a car, owning...


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