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Global demand for avocado has local farmers firmly focused

According to a 2019 report from the European Union titled Opportunities for South African emerging farmers in the European sustainable market, even with a 4% global market footprint, South Africa is still...

Jobs that are in demand in South Africa

A list of 370 high-demand jobs in South Africa has been published by The Department of Higher Education and Training.   The list features 370 jobs that have had strong employment...

Western Cape cherry farms bloom as overseas markets demand more

Cherries use about half of the water required per hectare to irrigate than apples, which is important in the drought-stricken Cape. Cherries are less thirsty than apples‚ and are proving...

How much Joburgers are paying to move to Cape Town’s lifestyle estates

While the semigration to Cape Town is now a well-documented fact, less well-known are the upmarket estates that these non-Capetonians are moving to. This is according to Seeff’s Johan Jacobs...

SA leaders announce power partnership to dramatically scale drone industry

The local drone industry has been explosive in the last few years, rapidly climbing in status among the typical technology purchases and seasonal gift lists across South Africa. The challenge is that the industry hasn't yet...


CEM Africa Summit | A Practical Journey Through Customer Centricity.

CEM Africa is a meeting place for CX professionals and innovative CX solution providers. Where like-minded customer experience experts and the top CX solution...

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