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Luxury Cape Town hotel goes off water grid

Another luxury Cape Town hotel is joining the sustainability movement and has officially built its own desalination plant to enable the five-star establishment to go off the city’s water grid. Granger Bay’s...

Revolutionary solar-power desalination plant could provide cheaper option, but it needs space

The new solar-powered desalination plant under construction at Witsand on the southern Cape coast will produce water at a cost of only R7 to R8 a kilolitre. This is less than...

France to help drought-hit Witsand with solar-power desalination plant

The French government and the Western Cape provincial government have committed to invest R9m on a 50-50 basis in the country’s first solar-powered desalination plant, at Witsand in the Hessaqua municipality. ...

Digging deep to provide refreshing water at Engen False Bay 1Stop

Kobus Pretorius is a man with the customer at heart. As the owner of the Engen False Bay 1 Stop, Kobus has just installed a water desalinationplant that converts borehole water into purified water. False Bay 1 Stop is an Engen flagship highway site...

South Africa Gets First Solar Powered Desalination Plant

A full-size demonstration plant that can desalinate water using solar power is to be built in Witsand, a town 250 km east of Cape Town. Construction is due to begin in...


Uncontrolled data growth poses a massive challenge for companies

Data at end-of-life is a massive challenge for most companies, especially with uncontrolled data growth that has resulted in new corporate policies for data...


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