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Tag: development

Africa’s Growing Infrastructure Needs and Ensuing Business Opportunities

With African governments committing billions of dollars to infrastructure development, the continent is touted to be entering a 20 to 30-year infrastructure development boom. Infrastructural development is pivotal to all aspects of...

Skills Development for Success: Mindset and Strategy

Many of us are pursuing our own definition of success at any given moment, yet how many of us truly achieve success? Whether you are looking for your dream job, success...

Hypocrisy by any other name is a double standard

A recent press release from NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman, African Energy Chamber (www.EnergyChamber.org) entiled Mozambique LNG project could be transformational - if western environmentalists don’t interfere gave me an issue to...

Iconic R15 billion development will reimagine Cape Town’s foreshore

There is nothing that more poignantly symbolises the dereliction of Cape Town’s foreshore than its unfinished freeway; a forgotten relic that blights the dynamic landscape of an otherwise world-class CBD. It’s...

PETCO, the PET Recycling Company

PRODUCERS of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic in South Africa realised that collectively addressing their responsibilities with respect to post-consumer waste PET packaging would be more effective and efficient than government-imposed regulation....


Banking giant opens Aladdin’s Cave for all

ADVANCES in AI, internet technology and the rise of the smartphone are having a fundamental effect on business and how we conduct and interact...


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