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TymeBank Founder Rolf Eichweber on the digital banking outlook for SA

Rolf Eichweber, Founder of South Africa’s digital banking disruptor, TymeBank joins CNBC Africa to talk about the journey of starting the bank....  

Digital banking crimes in SA increased by 64.3% in the last year

As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated and more frequent, banks are setting up Financial Crime Information Centres (FCIC) to work collaboratively with banks to address these crimes efficiently and effectively. The information provided...

TymeBank – everything you need to know about South Africa’s first digital-only bank

Digital bank, TymeBank has soft launched in South Africa, marking the first new bank in the country since 1999, and the first digital-only bank to launch in the country ever. ...

SIM-swap fraud incidents more than double in South Africa

The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (Sabric) has released its inaugural digital banking crime statistics. According to the report, in 2017 there were 13,438 incidents across banking apps, online...


Cape Town has the ninth-worst traffic congestion in the world

By Larry Claasen The City of Cape Town will spend R444-million to relieve traffic congestion over the next three years. TRAFFIC congestion in Cape Town ranks...


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