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Digital solutions are changing the property transfer game – and buyers are reaping the...

For most people, buying a house is something they may do three or four times in their lifetime. In the intervening years, processes and procedures change, or buyers and sellers simply...

Decision Inc.: A Cape Town Year in Review

Leader in information-driven transformation, Decision Inc. unpacks how the Cape Town office has performed in a challenging year that has redefined the company’s outlook and strategy. For David Kempe, Regional Business...

Digital solutions for operators monitoring corrosion and erosion

OPERATORS can drive plants to their maximum capability and avoid costly incidents with a fully integrated corrosion and erosion monitoring suite of software and service solutions. Emerson introduces a complete corrosion and...


‘5-in-1 Trade Show’ brings important industries, buyers and sellers, together

THIS year’s event is set to be one of the biggest Electra Mining Africa exhibitions to date with over 850 companies exhibiting across six...


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