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Tag: drinking water

Problem with lime-scale in our water

SCALE, which is initially made up of Calcium and Magnesium crystals that have come out of solution in the water flow, due to pressure or temperature changes is a problem encountered...

WearCheck offers free drinking water tests to flood-ravaged KZN

Some of the worst floods in living memory wreaked havoc on KZN last week, leaving nearly 500 people dead, many more still missing, thousands of people displaced and causing extensive damage...

Engineers make filters from tree branches to purify drinking water

THE interiors of nonflowering trees such as pine and ginkgo contain sapwood lined with straw-like conduits known as xylem, which draw water up through a tree's trunk and branches. Xylem conduits...


Closure of Tiger Brands’ Langeberg and Ashton canning fruit factory spells...

Agri SA is deeply concerned about the recent commencement of a consultation period after Tiger Brands gave notice of its intention to close down its canning...


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