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Water scarcity is the next big business challenge – #watershedding

While the country braces itself for a year of load-shedding and Coronavirus panic sets in, there is another crisis looming: that of water scarcity. The water situation in South Africa is...

Pumping to save mutton

A six-year drought is bringing the farmers of Sutherland, in the Karoo to their knees. Farmers generally prepare for a one to two-year drought, but the current drought has pushed them...

Measures to mitigate drought

As South Africa continues to experience the effects of drought, which has devastated most parts of the country, Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has announced immediate and long-term...

SA’s drought is costing the agriculture sector billions of rand

The agricultural body that represents nearly 28,000 commercial farmers across the country is calling on the government for financial aid to address the debilitating drought wreaking havoc across the country, which...

Drought is the ‘new normal’ in Western Cape

Climate change is taking its toll in the Western Cape, according to experts, with more municipalities expected to request emergency water assistance. This was after dry weather conditions led to runaway fires,...


Roman Rock Lighthouse celebrates 159 years of service

The Roman Rock Lighthouse celebrated 159 years of service during Heritage Month. The lighthouse – the fifth oldest in South Africa, and the only...