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Cape Town ‘investibility’ remains intact

Despite a year of great political and economic uncertainty, compounded by the worst drought in 100 years, the City of Cape Town has continued to attract investment. About R24 billion...

Historic drought takes toll on South Africa’s vineyards

The worst drought in living memory has hit vineyards in South Africa's Western Cape hard, reducing grape harvests and adding to pressure on the region's centuries-old wine industry, officials said on...

Water consumption spikes in drought-stricken Cape Town

Collective water consumption has increased by 5% from 516 million litres to 542 million litres over the past several days. Many Capetonians are slipping back into their water guzzling ways. Collective...

Why April rainfall is key to stave off Cape Town’s Day Zero

In three weeks’ time experts will be able to say with some certainty whether Cape Town is likely to get enough rain this year to avoid a Day Zero scenario in...

Cape Town residents fined for not complying with Level 6B restriction

Cape Town law enforcement officials have issued R4 000 in fines to residents who have failed to comply with the new level 6B water restrictions, which kicked in on Thursday. Under the...


Deadline is not the only consideration for US EB-5 Visa

Beware the promises from single real estate developers to access the American Dream With the deadline of 21 November 2019 looming for those wishing to...


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