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Large asteroid will be passing by Earth this weekend

Three asteroids passed near Earth on 10 September, and another large one is coming our way on 14 September. But worry not, it will miss us by a few million miles. One...

Asteroid shock: NASA preparing for ‘colossal God of Chaos’ rock to arrive in next...

NASA has begun preparations for the upcoming ‘God of Chaos’ Apophis asteroid which is considered potentially hazardous to Earth as it passes so close to the planet it will be UNDERNEATH...

‘City-killer asteroid’ narrowly misses Earth

Alan Duffy was confused. On Thursday, the astronomer's phone was suddenly flooded with calls from reporters wanting to know about a large asteroid that had just whizzed past Earth, and he...

Billionaires turn to Google Maps-type app to scour earth for cobalt

A coalition of billionaires led by Bill Gates has thrown its financial weight behind a startup hoping to build a “Google Maps for the earth’s crust” to hunt for new sources...


Increase in identity fraud cases in SA

A sharp increase in identity fraud across the country has been noted by The South African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS). The number of fraudsters...


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