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Case Study: The Eco Clarity Grease Trap Waste Disposal Hub

Fabrinox spokesperson describes the manufacturing processes for this revolutionary development. AT the start of 2020 we were approached by Eco Clarity, a waste to energy service provider, to assist with the development...

Eco-friendly corrosion prevention product allows coatings to last decades

CRW Consulting & Distribution, LLC, in partnership with Corrosion Innovations, has announced the much-anticipated release of the Corr-Ze™ 200 Gel surface treatment product. This revolutionary gel meets SSPC-SP 8 Pickling Standard...

Eco-friendly charcoal production to boost SA’s water security

The global outcry against the use of braai charcoal produced from rainforest trees, which leads to devastating forest degradation primarily in South American and African countries, is boosting the demand and...

Toxic trade

A new report from the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) – Toxic Trade: Forest Crime in Gabon and the Republic of Congo and the Contamination of the US Market – documents how...

Cape tidal pools to receive eco-friendly cleaning

The City of Cape Town will soon begin employing more eco-friendly methods to clean the local tidal pools to conserve the wealth of marine biodiversity that exists within them. Local free diver...

Pick n Pay trials new reusable eco-friendly bags

Pick n Pay is trialing a new affordable reusable alternative to plastic carrier bags. The retailer said that the new bag is the first of its kind, being made from green recycled...


Cape Chamber welcomes Western Cape inter-governmental dispute amidst investor uncertainty

Mr Jacques Moolman, President of the Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The private sector is facing a new epidemic of uncertainty prompted by Government...


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