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Tag: Economy

Creating an economic growth plan

THE ANC government's socialist ideology will destroy the economy and the country within the next 3 to 4 years and the final countdown has already begun. This ideology has been responsible for...

SAIV calls on government to fast-track infrastructure development amid brain drain and economic threat

THE South African government has long hailed infrastructure development as a prominent tool for economic recovery, especially in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the Economic Recovery and Reconstruction Plan...

Here is the official petrol price for July

According to BusinessTech The Department of Energy has published the latest fuel price adjustments for July 2021, showing a hike in prices across the board. This is how fuel prices will change...

Your small business is doomed to fail without proper tax compliance

South Africa's youth remains a vital part of growing South Africa's economy. The country's youth still face many challenges including unemployment. Recently, Statistics SA published South Africa's unemployment figures, which recorded...

Ramaphosa is on a roll – and it’s boosting South Africa’s markets

According to BusinessTech: South African president Cyril Ramaphosa is finally making good on a long-standing pledge to enact policy reforms, signaling the tide may be turning for the coronavirus-battered economy. The ruling...


Quo Vadis? SA’s trillion-rand water infrastructure backlog

Virtual Event Round Table, Thursday 29 July 2pm-4pm This is the first of CBN’s series of three exclusive round table discussion addressing the critical...


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