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Rand strengthens as lockdown easing set to commence

On Thursday last week, Ramaphosa announced that the country will be going into a level four lockdown, allowing more industries to operate. Following the announcement, the Rand strengthened about 1.1% on...

COVID-19 – What can we learn from the past?

The coronavirus outbreak has sent worldwide fear across financial markets amid concerns of a hit to the global economy. Although it is still too early to evaluate the full impact on...

Budget 2020: the right intent, but the challenge remains daunting

BUDGET 2020 is the best we could have hoped for in difficult circumstances. In essence, it aims to constrain consumption spending relative to capital expenditure, while recognising that persistent tax increases...

Promoting the development of the Western Cape economy through corporate and SMME matchmaking

According to the SEDA (Small Enterprise Development Agency) 2019 report, the number of SMMEs in South Africa increased by 13.6% year-on-year (y-o-y) from 2.25 million in 2017 Q3 to 2.56 million...

Steeled for uncertainty

The fragile West Coast economy will begin 2020 on a brittle footing with steel giant Arcellor Mital’s decision to close down its unviable Saldanha Steel plant. The R6,8bn Saldanha Steel facility, located...


How to cope with going back to work after lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unparalleled challenge, and working from home has become a new reality that most employees have had to face. While...


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