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Tag: Electricity

Eskom’s plan to keep the lights on

As Eskom continues to warn consumers of rotational load shedding, Deputy President David Mabuza has told Members of Parliament that the power utility has developed a detailed turnaround plan to address...

There is a low risk of rotational loadshedding today

Residents and businesses are encouraged to use electricity sparingly to ease the demand of electricity. Switch off geysers as well as all non-essential lighting and electricity appliances to assist in reducing...

Can SA solve its energy crisis?

Breaking up Eskom’s vertically integrated model will help turnaround the ailing power utility and create more efficiencies in the energy sector. This is according to panellists at a public discussion recently on...

How the price of petrol, electricity and food in South Africa compares to other...

South African consumers have had a tough year. This is according to Tsitsi Hatendi-Matika, head of retail at Absa’s wealth and investment management unit, who noted that the most significant impact on...

MARECHAL for ARC flash protection

The DECONTACTOR™ design includes a safety shutter which effectively eliminates the source of arc flash exposure by containing any discharge within the socket’s arc chambers. The socket-outlets safety shutter prevents unintended...


South Africans Left Without Answers as Blackouts Drag On

South Africans looking for signs of an end to the latest round of power cuts were left disappointed after the minister responsible for utility...

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