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A salary sacrifice by Cape Town City Council employees?

A fascinating aspect of the Cape Town municipal budget proposed for 2021-22 was highlighted by the Mayor when he declared it open for public comment. He announced that the Council was asking...

PayDay Software – Moving your business in the right direction

PayDay Software Systems is a leading and professional Payroll and Human Capital Software Company that adds value to businesses via the application of a client-oriented and user-empowerment approach, transforming strategic processes...

Absa Life launches a bot that helps both customers and employees

Anyone who has tried to find their information relating to an insurance policy will know the frustration of being unable to find the information sought. But that has changed for Absa Life Funeral...

Touchwork announces ClickScan & HealthScan, COVID-19 screening tools; providing safety as businesses reopen

As industry re-opens during the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses must adhere to regulations to ensure safety and mitigate the spread of the virus in the workplace. Employees must be screened to ascertain whether...

The tools that keep your employees happy

Anyone who has ever been unhappy at work will tell you how debilitating it is. It stops you being productive and affects your life outside of work. It’s not uncommon to...


Modernised building utilities save money and resources

Water resources are under significant pressure, pushed to the brink by the modernising world, rapid urbanisation, and population growth. Utility management philosophies had not...