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Tag: energy

Resolving energy challenges critical to economic recovery

President Cyril Ramaphosa says resolving the current energy challenges is fundamental to South Africa’s economic recovery. “That is why we are making every effort to bring new power generation capacity online in...

The Green Economy and Africa

There have been several articles published recently that attack the burgeoning green energy economy.  The tone and trajectory of these articles is reminiscent of those published during the ‘fight back’ by...

Zest Weg – 40 years and growing in Africa

Zest WEG’s four decades in Africa have produced a powerful local manufacturing base, and a growing footprint across sub-Saharan Africa – strengthening supply chains and local economies. “Progress in skills development has...

Government considers use of nuclear energy

South Africa’s National Energy Regulator (Nersa) has requested that the public comment on government’s new nuclear power proposal. The proposal suggests that government procures 2500 megawatts (MW) of additional nuclear capacity...

Softeners protect equipment and save energy, costs

ALL boilers and cooling towers need a water softener to help to prevent scale on heat transfer surfaces. It’s important to maintain these softeners to avoid equipment or machinery failures, and...


Modernised building utilities save money and resources

Water resources are under significant pressure, pushed to the brink by the modernising world, rapid urbanisation, and population growth. Utility management philosophies had not...