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Eskom, CSIR sign partnership

Eskom and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) have signed a partnership that is aimed at aligning and enhancing interaction between the two bodies in support of national goals. ...

Wiese’s sunny disposition

RETAIL tycoon Christo Wiese is an adventurous investor with wide ranging investment interests. But his latest tilt at alternative energy is most surprising – particularly since this unexpected deal was facilitated through...

South Africa’s energy industry turns to gas

Seeking to reduce its dependence on coal-fired power, South Africa is shifting its energy mix toward natural gas and renewables. The country currently consumes around 180bn standard cu feet (scf) of gas...

Cape Town sets its own energy goal for 2020

According to Business day, the City of Cape Town has set its sights on becoming an ‘energy creator’, saying it cannot leave its energy security in Eskom’s hands. The City has set...

Ten African energy ministers to attend Africa Energy Indaba 2016

Africa is at the forefront of the energy transition with some of the greatest challenges and best opportunities in the world. Without doubt, innovation and the ability to deliver and deploy the most...


How to cope with going back to work after lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unparalleled challenge, and working from home has become a new reality that most employees have had to face. While...


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