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Tag: environment

We’re making our circle bigger

Creating a true circular economy for plastic packaging Growth in South Africa’s population and increased urbanisation has led to an increase in per capita waste generation. This places stress on current landfills...

Is the planet telling us something?

By Allen Cockfield, CEO of Artic Driers HAS mankind just pushed our habitat a step too far? I believe so! COVID-19 has smashed all the “normalities” that we knew – the ability...

DGB gets well fortified

DGB, the Wellington-based liquor group, has found new owner and instituted a new leadership structure aimed at pursuing new growth opportunities in a post Covid-19 environment. Last month investment company Brait –...

Marine lubrication solutions

LUBRICANTS for the marine environment are subjected to very specific and often harsh conditions. They therefore need to be designed for their specific applications to ensure they are effective and safe. Callum...

Plastics SA

Plastics SA's television commercial focuses on how the recycling of plastics creates jobs and saves the environment.


50% Organics ban from landfills coming in 2022

THE landfill ban of organic waste in the Western Cape comes into effect in 2022 with a requirement of 50% reduction and 100% reduction...