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Tag: Eskom

100 MW self-gen threshold: Boon for big business, doom for others?

THE recent announcement by President Ramaphosa of the new 100 MW threshold for embedded electricity generation, up from just 1 MW, was welcome news for many companies. However, while big businesses...

Fooling the people some of the time

From the 'A Bee in my Bonnet' column. ONE of the benefits of the internet and social media, at least to this reader, is that government and politicians can be held to...

Highest electricity price increase of last decade

As South Africans, we've become rather accustomed to the prices of just about everything going up on an annual basis. Electricity is no different. With Eskom, South Africa’s national energy provider, facing...

There’s a right, a wrong and then there’s the truth

YOU know when your heart is really set on something and then someone or something pulls the rug out from under your feet leaving you on your backside with an embarrassing...

Due to plant failure, Eskom extends power cuts to Friday

South Africa’s struggling power utility Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd will cut power supplies nationwide until Friday after more breakdowns at some of its facilities. The state-owned company said it would extend cuts...


Quo Vadis? SA’s trillion-rand water infrastructure backlog

Virtual Event Round Table, Thursday 29 July 2pm-4pm This is the first of CBN’s series of three exclusive round table discussion addressing the critical...


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