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Tag: Eskom

Eskom warns of electricity supply problems if wage negotiations go south

Embattled power utility Eskom says it will commence its regular wage talks with the company’s recognised labour representative unions starting on 4 May 2021. In a statement on Friday, Eskom said that...

All we want, all everyone wants, is regular, affordable electricity

WHEN it comes to electricity, all members of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry, all the private sector wants, all the citizens of South Africa want is a safe, affordable,...

Loosening Eskom’s grasp will be a delicate business

The stand-out item in the Western Cape’ government’s budget, apart from its determination not to be caught napping by another wave of Covid -19 infections, was aportioning R70 million to assist...

Up to 26 days of loadshedding on the cards

South Africa, stock up on paraffin lamps and candles. Dig out your camping flashlights and consider that gas stove. We could face up to 26 days of loadshedding in the coming...

MER Project launched in the Western Cape

THE Western Cape Government has launched its three-year Municipal Energy Resilience (MER) Project to assist municipalities to take advantage of the new energy regulations, which may include purchasing energy directly from Independent...


Case Study: French company solve hose problems transferring delicate fluids

FRANCE based Oril Industrie produces nearly 2 000 tons of active ingredients per year which are used in prescription medication in the fields of cardiology,...


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