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Tag: European Union

EU lends support to SA’s infrastructure development plans

European Union (EU) Deputy Head of the Delegation to South Africa, Raul de Luzenberger, says the union is lobbying for R170 million to be dedicated to infrastructure development in South Africa. He...

SA products to benefit from EU deal

South Africa is due to benefit from a new trade deal with the European Union (EU) that will see almost all South African products having preferential market access in the EU. ...

Mixed signals from financial markets

It was undoubtedly a surprise when 52% of the British electorate voted to leave the European Union. The immediate reaction of international investors was flight into safe haven assets – US...

What BREXIT means for South Africans

Decision by Britain to leave the European Union, or “Brexit”, has been met with shockwaves around the world. But what does it mean for South Africans wanting to travel, and how...


Western Cape remains an attractive destination for foreign direct investment

Global foreign direct investment (FDI) flows recovered to US$1.58 trillion in 2021, up from US$963 billion recorded in 2020 and higher than pre-pandemic...


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