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Tag: False Bay College

Nurturing local animators for a global market

While the South African animation sector is still in its infancy stages, it has potential to grow exponentially, pending consistent work commitment from international studios. South African produced work is receiving more...

Winners of the Western Cape WorldSkills Gala Dinner Announced at Awards Ceremony

The Winners of the Western Cape WorldSkills Competition, a division of the World Skills Global enterprise, to promote excellence in artisan trade was announced at the Awards Ceremony hosted at the...

Dual System Apprenticeships are putting employers in the driver’s seat

The establishment of two Centres of Specialisation (CoS) in Mechanical Fitting and Rigging is not just a significant development for the False Bay Technical and Vocational Education and Training(TVET) College in...

False Bay College; Invitation to do business with False Bay TVET College

False Bay TVET College is one of the top performing Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges (TVET) in South Africa. Tailor made training for Business and Industry leaders of today. Our Comprehensive...

Responsive distance learning offerings

False Bay TVET College (FBC) is expanding its Distance Learning offering from January 2018, in anticipation of the greater demand for education and training in 2018. Following the announcement by...


Resiliance = Results

Recently our printing company merged into ShumniRSA, making us the third largest print- ing company in South Africa. This came with its challenges internal- ly...


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