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It’s easier to keep up than to catch up

Why fix something that isn’t broken right? Wrong! Outdated business practice will put any organization at a disadvantage to those competitors who choose to keep up with new and innovative practices...

How modern is your office?

One needs to bear in mind that today’s office – the modern office -  encompasses a lot more than an upgraded PC, generators to cope with load-shedding and cloud-based data storage. ...

Four myths of modern sales management software

As often happens when big changes occur, misconceptions and myths can prevail.  Allow me the opportunity to dispel a few which have crept into the field of sales management. Software...


Renewable energy component market will be worth R468-billion by 2030 –...

By Larry Claasen SOUTH Africa’s energy crisis, along with the global move to environmental sustainability has the potential to be a big economic drive, says...


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