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Tough recycled polymer bearing

Motion plastics specialist igus has introduced a new plain bearing made from recycled plastic. The bearing, iglide ECO P210, is a chemical-resistant variant that has been added to the company’s iglide ECO series. The...

Effective filtration and system contamination protocols

CONTAMINANTS particles create headaches for hydraulic engineers. Please acknowledge that with time the hydraulic systems become less efficient and allow more contaminants to enter the system. With time and continued use...

The importance of lube oil system filtration and monitoring

THE viscosity of oil in a lube system and its impact on system bearings if not filtered appropriately can adversely impact on system performance and have catastrophic consequences and system non-performance....

Advanced solutions in filtration for a cleaner environment

FIBERTEX Nonwovens - manufacturers of a comprehensive range of nonwovens and performance-based materials used in diverse industries – has over the course of 50 years, developed advanced filtration solutions that contribute...

Atlas Copco UD+ single cartridge in-line filter – a masterstroke in filtration technology

Encompassing the ingenious 2-in-1 nautilus concept, Atlas Copco’s advanced UD+ filter technology delivers a 40% lower pressure drop, removes contamination in compressed air down to 0.01 ppm, reduces maintenance costs and brings...


Cape Town getting closer to turning waste into wattage

The City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Members for Urban Waste Management and Energy visited the Coastal Park landfill Tuesday, 27 February 2024, to...


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