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High efficiency valves for safe use in industrial flow control applications 

BMG’s Fluid Technology division supplies and supports an extensive range of components for fluid technology systems and general industrial applications. These products include valves, hydraulic hoses and fittings, accumulators, cylinders, heat...

Filtration solutions

BMG’s Fluid Technology division provides essential filtration, separation and purification solutions that improve operational efficiencies for customers in all sectors. These industries include fuel distribution, offshore and aviation services, mining, power...

Proportional valves and controller solutions

“A thorough uunderstanding of the latest fluid power technologies is critical for the design of efficient and cost-effective hydraulic systems. Coupled with technical expertise, is the need for the selection of...

Breathers and spin-on elements form part of BMG’s filtrations solutions

BMG’s Fluid Technology’s filtration solutions comprise a wide range of fluid power components and systems, which are supported by the team’s broad technical capabilities to ensure fluids - including oil, fuel...

The new MasoSine Certa pump from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

The new MasoSine CertaTM pump from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group has been designed to set a new benchmark in clean pumping for all food and beverage industry applications. Its launch...

MasoSine pumps provide granola ingredient measurement

A company famed for its manufacture of traditional biscuits is using three MasoSine SPS200 pumps from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group to help it produce up to 80 tons of granola a week. Importantly,...


Two SAB plants get R5.8 billion upgrades

The R5.8 billion investment commitment made by South African Breweries (SAB) has been utilised to increase capacity at two of its plants. The company said...


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