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Restaurants under pressure to also meet new waste management rules

Companies across a host of different industries are at risk of falling foul of new legislation that has come into effect as from 23 August this year. The Waste Classification and...

Machman; Your solution to engineering in the food industry

MachMan is an energetic and vibrant engineering enterprise that offers specialised services in machine repairs, maintenance, sales, commissioning and manufacture. Our strength lies in semi-automated and automated packaging machinery and we are skilled and...

Is South Africa food insecure or do we have an acute case of food...

Pausing on the cusp of discarding unwanted food, many may hear the wise voice of their parents who once warned them against such actions. “Before you throw that half-eaten sandwich away, think...

SA consumers set to face further food price pressure

Food inflation is set to increase in the short term due to various macro-economic indicators, which means that South African consumers can expect further food price increases. This was according to the...

Plant-based movement opportunity for fresh produce industry

One of the most exciting developments in the food technology sector is how the plant-based food movement is changing the way in which traditional agricultural businesses operate. This was according to Anouk...


Snake season slithers into Cape Town

Many hiking groups across Cape Town have reported snakes coming out of hibernation and crossing their paths on trails. According to the Cape of...

Xenophobic Violence


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