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Tag: Fuel Consumption

Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

Tyres are an important factor in passenger vehicle energy use. Globally, improvements in tyre energy efficiency that lie well within existing capabilities could reduce fuel consumption by 3 to 5% across...

Wait on for veil to lift on SA secret fuel sale

The Central Energy Fund (CEF) can not yet say what price SA paid for the controversial sale of 10.3 million barrels of the country’s strategic oil reserves, or who now owns...

The adjustment of fuel prices, effective from 6 September

The Department of Energy informs the public of the fuel price adjustments for September 2017. South Africa’s fuel prices are adjusted on a monthly basis, informed by international and local factors. ...

Collaborative consumption

Sharing resources, skills or ideas is not a new concept, but the rise of the sharing economy is mainly due to the saturation of markets and exorbitant pricing models.  Finding creative...


SA’s energy transition offers an opportunity to upscale wind energy localisation

As South Africa’s energy sector transitions from high dependency on coal for electricity production to clean energy sources such as wind and solar PV,...


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