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More to hot dip galvanizing than an attractive surface appearance

Hot dip galvanizing is a corrosion control mechanism. Yet, as with many things, hot dip galvanized articles are frequently – and inaccurately – judged on their surface appearance only.   “All international standards...

Galvatech unveils advanced hot dip galvanising facility, redefining corrosion protection services in the WC

By Larry Claasen Belville-based Galvatech’s new galvanising facility enables it to take on bigger projects. In a significant move, Galvatech, a Belville-based corrosion protection service provider, launched its new hot dip galvanising facility...

Galvanising hope for Saldanha Steel?

A RE-OPENING of Saldanha Steel, which was mothballed in early 2020, on the back of markedly higher steel prices does not look on the least in the short term. This is...


Cape Town has the ninth-worst traffic congestion in the world

By Larry Claasen The City of Cape Town will spend R444-million to relieve traffic congestion over the next three years. TRAFFIC congestion in Cape Town ranks...


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