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World-class gas engine component reman skills

LEVERAGING gas as a power source is an exciting prospect for Africa, and offers not only reasonable costs but will have a lower environmental impact. While natural gas is generally a...

Gas won’t save SA’s economy

The potential of recent gas finds has given rise to false claims that gas will generate economic prosperity for the country. The reality is that it will be at least a...

Turning plastic waste into hydrogen gas & carbon nanotubes

by Bob Yirka , Phys.org  A team of researchers from the U.K., China, and Saudi Arabia has developed a process for converting plastic waste into hydrogen gas and carbon nanotubes. In their...

Oil and gas giants take a beating

EVEN before the coronavirus pandemic, the oil and gas industry was faced with slumping prices. However, with a record collapse in oil demand amid the coronavirus lockdown, the COVID-19 crisis has...

Total makes another significant gas discovery near South Africa

French energy company Total has made another significant gas condensate discovery 175 kilometres off the southern coast of South Africa, the company said in a statement on Wednesday, October 28. The company...


Modernised building utilities save money and resources

Water resources are under significant pressure, pushed to the brink by the modernising world, rapid urbanisation, and population growth. Utility management philosophies had not...