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Africa to double natural gas production by 2040, global consumption to double by 2050

Africa will contribute as much as 9.2% to global natural gas production by 2040 NATURAL gas growth prospects were outlined during the 2nd Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) International Gas Seminar recently. According...

OPINION: The dirty underbelly of “free energy”

FREE energy from the sun and the wind! Isn’t that a wonderful idea? And it’s clean too! Yeah, right. No, it’s not. So-called free clean energy from the sun and the wind is...

Gas tanker explosion rattles Worcester

The Breede Valley Municipality said that a gas tanker went up in flames early on Wednesday morning. The fire spread to a nearby building. More than 30 firefighters are battling a fire...

How MSMEs can tap into the Oil and Gas Free Zones

This video looks at value chain of the regulator, connecting the dots between the oil and gas industry and the free zones and also look closely at what OGFZs are fit...

Total Announces Ground-breaking Oil Discovery 175km Off the Southern Coast of South Africa

Now, more than ever, is the time to attend the Africa Gas Forum where attendees will be privy to the latest insights and opportunities relating to this breakthrough. The recent gas condensate...


Crisis Tips for SMEs

Displaying leadership It was recently reported by ratings agency S&P Global that the coronavirus outbreak has plunged the world into a recession. On the home...


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