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Excessive trust in generative AI makes users vulnerable, survey finds

A significant number of people are comfortable sharing their personal information with generative AI tools like ChatGPT, a recent survey conducted by KnowBe4 Africa found. The survey, which spanned 1,300 respondents in...

Company launches Gen AI boosted virtual agents that can have human-like conversations

CLEVVA launches Gen AI boosted virtual agents that may just pass the Turing test Cape Town-based conversational automation specialist CLEVVA has recently boosted its virtual agents with the power of Generative AI...

Why businesses should consider having their own bespoke ChatGPT – Deloitte Africa

THE emergence of OpenAI’s ChatGPT over the past year has demonstrated the vast potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  For businesses, however, public AI’s like ChatGPT represents an opportunity and a challenge. It...


City proposes modification of weirs at Zeekoevlei and Rondevlei to improve...

THE City of Cape Town proposes the redevelopment and upgrade of the weirs at Zeekoevlei and Rondevlei that are located within the False Bay...


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