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Tag: gensets

Power shortages create opportunities for diesel genset producers

A lack of reliable electricity supply in southern Africa has created an opportunity for diesel generator set production. Southern Africa’s extreme dependence on South Africa to meet its electricity requirements...

Essential maintenance and fire-prevention procedures for gensets

ASP Fire provides essential advice on preventative maintenance and adequate fire-prevention procedures for gensets. The first issue to be taken into consideration is the fuel supply, which may comprise an...

Natural gas – the future of sustainable power generation

To overcome the disruptive and costly impact of load shedding, South African business operations are being placed under increasing pressure to adopt more reliable sources of power. Although diesel generator sets (gensets) are...


Mboweni’s plan to save Eskom

The restructuring drive for power utility Eskom, which has been identified by government as the biggest threat to economic growth and stability, has started...


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