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Tag: Global Warming

Global warming is amplifying our water cycle—and it’s happening much faster than we expected

THE global water cycle—that is, the constant movement of freshwater between the clouds, land and the ocean—plays an important role in our daily lives. This delicate system transports water from the...

Clean energy’s dirty secrets

WHAT could be more agreeable? Oodles of electricity free of charge and free of carbon. Two big claims are made for solar and wind energy. One is that it is cheap. However,...

Intolerance and hypocrisy in the global warming debate

One of the things that define democrats is belief in freedom of speech. It is a key pillar of a free society, up there with rights like private property, and enshrined...


Managing business risks: easy steps any SME can take today 

Small business owners should consider risk management and mitigation as a valuable form of insurance against any eventuality. It will help them protect the...


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