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Government’s newest office building on track for 5-Star Green Star SA

Designed to achieve the illustrious 5-Star Green Star SA rating for its sustainability, the Green Building in Bellville, has been constructed using many effective design techniques. “Our natural clay face...

Cecilia Square’s phase two of development launched

The environmentally-friendly and technology-intelligent office building, Cecilia Square in Paarl is relaunching phase two of the building development. Already acclaimed 4 Green Star SA Office Design, Lazercor Developments, property leaders in...

Five star green rating awarded to Assetmatrix/Gimco Park Lane building

Green development should become the norm, not the exception to the rule, and Assetmatrix are proving that their company is committed to practising what they preach by improving on sustainability and...


Cape Chamber welcomes Western Cape inter-governmental dispute amidst investor uncertainty

Mr Jacques Moolman, President of the Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The private sector is facing a new epidemic of uncertainty prompted by Government...


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