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Shock! Horror! Most coral islands are growing!

OKAY, despite the headline, the news that coral islands --hundreds of them in the Pacific and Indian Oceans – are growing, not shrinking as all the doomsayers have been predicting, is...

Winde: Creating new jobs, growing local economy priorities for WC Govt

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde has outlined plans to steer the province towards a better economic climate and said that the region was now joining hands with civil society and the...

Rebuilding small businesses after COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked financial havoc throughout the nation, leaving many small business owners struggling in its wake. According to the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC ), 86% of small...

‘Aparthotels’ growing in popularity among property investors wanting to mitigate risk

South African market has highest concentration of apartment-style hotel developments in Africa. South Africa’s hotel development market, and specifically Cape Town’s, is showing astounding buoyancy despite a tough economy and the after-effects...

Hair transplantation trend growing: Where Art meets the Science

Hair transplantation is the surgery wherein the hair lost in the areas of scalp/beard is replaced by the hair taken from posterior aspect of scalp/beard/chest/shoulders/abdomen/lower limbs. It is important to understand that...


Cape Town has the ninth-worst traffic congestion in the world

By Larry Claasen The City of Cape Town will spend R444-million to relieve traffic congestion over the next three years. TRAFFIC congestion in Cape Town ranks...


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