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Tag: Healthcare

Here are all the Momentum medical aid price increases for 2019

Momentum Health has published its fee schedule for 2019, showing how much clients can expect to pay for their various schemes in 2019. According to the group, the average increase...

These are your Discovery medical aid prices for 2019

Discovery has published new pricing schedules for its medical aid plans for 2019. The insurance provider announced its 2019 changes in September, saying that its prices would increase by a weighted 9.2% across its...

South Africans are drinking themselves to death

A new study has shown that one in 10 deaths in South Africa can be attributed to alcohol abuse in some way – with men in low income groups the most...

WC Health Department to upgrade Tygerberg Hospital

Western Cape government says it has put plans in place to upgrade Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town. Officials say the upgrades will be split into two parts; one for the...

Local scientist receives global recognition

Cape Town-based scientist, Dr Yael Joffe, recently received global recognition in the Perricone MD Born Seekers Campaign (San Francisco). The campaign featured 20 women who are ‘Born Seekers’, finding breakthroughs in...


Drink tea to boost your brain function

Researchers have found that regular tea drinkers have better organised brain regions and this is associated with healthy cognitive function as compared to non-tea...

Corrosion Institute open day


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