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Steinmüller Africa: leader in heat exchange technology for the oil and gas industry

FOR over 60 years, Steinmüller Africa has been a leading steam and high-pressure piping expert. The company leverages its extensive experience and in-house design and engineering to provide customised industrial shell...

Steinmüller Africa exhibits expertise at Africa Energy Indaba 

Steinmüller Africa, a leader in the engineering, manufacturing, maintenance and services for the power generation and industrial sectors, will showcase its expertise and solutions at the Africa Energy Indaba from 5-7...

Locally designed and manufactured heat exchangers offer reduced costs and faster turnaround

Steinmüller Africa, South Africa’s steam generation and heat exchange experts, brings local custom-engineered industrial shell and tube heat exchangers to sub-Saharan Africa’s process industries. The company has now introduced three-dimensional (3D)...

Managing thermal functions with heat exchangers

When changing a fluid’s thermal state, there has to be a temperature difference between the two mediums for heat transfer to take place, and the heat lost by the hot medium...


Cape Town has the ninth-worst traffic congestion in the world

By Larry Claasen The City of Cape Town will spend R444-million to relieve traffic congestion over the next three years. TRAFFIC congestion in Cape Town ranks...


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