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New player enters SA water-heating industry

Hot water costs can account for 40-60% of users’ total electricity bill. The newest player in the highly competitive water-heating sector offers solutions for the commercial, industrial and residential markets: HydraTherm,...

Home automation project includes hydronic underfloor heating

Today’s technology makes home automation a very real and practical proposition – not only for the sake of comfort and convenience of having an automated living space, but it also offers...

Winter warmth and summer cooling from water based underfloor systems

Traditional underfloor heating systems in South Africa have been electrical in nature which was relatively inexpensive to install and efficient when the price of electricity was low but now massive increases...


‘5-in-1 Trade Show’ brings important industries, buyers and sellers, together

THIS year’s event is set to be one of the biggest Electra Mining Africa exhibitions to date with over 850 companies exhibiting across six...


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