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A looming further fuel price hike and subsequent inflation shock

The steadily and constant increase in international oil prices suddenly became a worrying factor for most economists, policy makers, analysts and journalists. However, already over the last twelve months fuel prices in...

Fuel price hike expected in May

South African motorists could be in for another petrol price hike next month if the latest data from the Central Energy Fund is to be believed. Mid-month data shows an under-recovery of around...

Sharp hike for April fuel price

Motorists are advised to prepare themselves for yet another heavy blow to their budgets, as mid-month data by the Central Energy Fund (CEF) suggests that the price of fuel will increase...

Fuel hike for July may be a reality

South African motorists will have to brace themselves for yet another fuel price increase – leaving drivers to count their pennies even more carefully than before. The pressure of the...

Expect a hike in the VAT rate this month

The question on everyone’s lips ahead of the Budget Review is whether the minister of finance will announce an increase in the value added tax (VAT) rate – and if so, what that...


Nano tech coating protects all surfaces

STOPAQ was developed in the Netherlands, using highly advanced nano-technology in the creation of a range of corrosion protection, sealing and waterproofing systems. The Stopaq...


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