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Tag: industry 4.0

Automation with robotics increases production by 40%

The challenge: improving production capacity and efficiency. BOLÇİ Bolu Chocolate was formed in 1992. It now has over 300 employees and produces over 800 different products. The company produces over 200 tons...

IO-Link: Industry 4.0 for everyone

IO-Link is not just gaining increasing acceptance in an ever greater number of applications ‒ the manufacturer-independent communication technology is also an enabler for innovative sensor solutions and supports the global...

How will 5G revolutionize your supply chain ?

INDUSTRY 4.0 brings us phenomenal developments in technology, including cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things and cloud computing. All, in theory, designed to automate processes to increase and improve efficiencies. However,...

Robots may displace 20m manufacturing jobs by 2030

Robots are on track to wipe out almost a tenth of the world’s manufacturing jobs with the brunt borne by lower-income areas in developed nations, Oxford Economics says. While automation should boost...


Liquor industry urges government to prepare to lift alcohol ban

The liquor industry is once again calling on government to lift the ban on alcohol. Their latest call is based on suggestions by the...