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Tag: Industry

SA road freight industry undergoing ‘tech disruption’

Following the lead of tech innovators in the taxi industry, South Africa’s road freight sector is set for a similar shake-up. According the latest Logistics Barometer (published by Stellenbosch University), transport remains the...

Coatings Industry concerned by the ‘disappearance’ of SABS

The coatings industry is hugely concerned about the lack of cooperation it is receiving from the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), says Deryck Spence, executive director of the SA Paint...

Africa is not a sample size of one, emphasise industry leaders

Generic references to Africa blur the contexts, opportunities, challenges and risks as they relate to individual countries and you cannot have a generic strategy for expansion into Africa, not even for...

Elite Maritime specialised marine recruitment

Staffing in the marine sector is a highly specialised business requiring experience and know-how of how this exacting industry works – much more so that recruiting for typical land based positions. ...

A new pump for the food and beverage industry

The new MasoSine Certa pump from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group has been designed to set a new benchmark in clean pumping for all food and beverage industry applications. The pump not...


The Cape’s plant species are dying

A recent study reveals the Western Cape as one of the world’s largest hotspots for plant extinction. The study, published in a journal titled Nature...


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