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Tag: Instrotech

Automatic, on-line measurement of dew point in natural gas

MICHELL Instruments, locally represented by Instrotech, offers the Condumax II On-Line, a fully self-contained hydrocarbon dew point analyzer, using the proven "Dark Spot" hydrocarbon dew point measurement principle from the highly...

Hollow bore encoder offered

INSTROTECH is offering SCANCON’s Model: SCH88BEX, ATEX absolute encoder with Profibus Interface. It’s a strong, compact (89 mm footprint), cost-effective, through hollow bore encoder. Engineered for rugged conditions, it’s reliable for extra harsh environments, and...

Economical magnetic-inductive flowmeters

INSTROTECH now offers Kobold’s MIK, a compact, magnetic-inductive flowmeter, combining a large measuring range, from at 0.01 l/min and currently to 700 l/min, and six different measuring tube sizes, from G ½...

Electronic engineers help wine growers to vintage success

ENGLISH wine is taking off, with more and more people recognising its award winning quality and production growing by the year. A generation ago it was wise to steer clear of...

Flow meter for very small quantities

EVEN extremely small quantities of low viscosity and translucent fluids can be reliably measured and monitored with an impeller flow meter. INSTROTECH has on offer Kobold’s flowmeter DPL, specifically designed to measure and...


How to cope with going back to work after lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unparalleled challenge, and working from home has become a new reality that most employees have had to face. While...


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