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Tag: investments

Farmers, Ferraris and harvesting good investments in Africa

In April 2012, legendary US investor and market commentator Jim Rogers made a bold pronouncement: Farmers, not bankers would be the next group driving Ferraris and Lamborghinis. In a popular interview with...

Wealth Migrate: expert advice on offshore investments

Investing offshore has been made vastly easier with advances in tech, and for companies like Wealth Migrate, these options are now more accessible for investors through its online platform. Wealth Migrate...

Feather in its KAP

IT’S been a really tough grind for most industrial companies in SA over the past five years - but Stellenbosch-headquartered KAP Industrial is still pressing ahead with various new capacity expansion...

How to stretch your Rands and cents in these trying times

The current economic environment coupled with further challenges of income instability that COVID-19 brings requires consumers to cultivate good money management habits, focus on essentials, curb unnecessary spending and pay of...

AIU secures R350 million worth of investment deals

I am pleased to announce that Wesgro, the Western Cape Government's mandated international trade and investment promotion agency, has helped secure R350 million worth of agribusiness investment deals into the Western...


How robotic logistics are the key to automated warehouses

IN 2018 American companies spent approximately $1.5 trillion on logistical expenses. It's a jaw-dropping number that underpins the importance of supply chain management to...


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