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Tag: Kobold

Calculate, indicate, count:  Volume counting for smart savers…

INSTROTECH is offering Kobold’s electronic unit ZOE, specifically designed for the calculation and display of flow rates and volume flow of flowmeters. Whether users have an external power supply or need...

Flow meter for very small quantities

EVEN extremely small quantities of low viscosity and translucent fluids can be reliably measured and monitored with an impeller flow meter. INSTROTECH has on offer Kobold’s flowmeter DPL, specifically designed to measure and...

Secure liquid level detection

Kobold, represented locally by Instrotech, has capacitive level indicators type NMC, specifically designed to measure liquid levels in tanks. They consist of a measuring probe and a connecting head with a...

Measurement and regulation by mass

Kobold has on offer digital flowmeters, type DMS, that record the mass of gasses and are therefore unaffected by pressure and temperature. The measuring devices work using the bypass capillary...


Western Cape remains an attractive destination for foreign direct investment

Global foreign direct investment (FDI) flows recovered to US$1.58 trillion in 2021, up from US$963 billion recorded in 2020 and higher than pre-pandemic...


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